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“Tiki Expedition” is inspired by... YOU!  Yes, that’s correct, you.  Tiki Expedition pays tribute to your personal “Tiki Crawl” and your resulting Home Tiki Bar (or patio or guest bedroom or den or... whatever domicile you call your own Tiki “pad”).  Tiki statues, masks, bamboo, thatching, torches, etc – things you’ve collected along your journey! 

A wonderful amalgamation of Tiki and related ephemera awaits you with our newest design by Anthony Carpenter. 

What to fill this 8 ½” tall, 21 oz mug with... we’ll leave that up to you!  Just like your Tiki Crawl, your Tiki libation of choice – it is now and will always be all yours to create or to take from the many wonderful recipes out there for you to enjoy!

Artist: Anthony Carpenter
Height: 8.5" 
Capacity: 21 oz. 

This mug design is © copyright 2023 Anthony Carpenter and Tiki Farm - No part of the design may be reproduced or copied without express written permission of Tiki Farm. 

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