PLEASE NOTE: The Tiki Farm office will be closed 9-20-23 through 9-27-23. We will return to office Thursday, 9-28-23.

Our History


Greetings! Tiki Farm is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of custom ceramic drink and barware products.  The company was founded in 2000 by Holden Westland.

Tiki Farm has created thousands of designs and has manufactured countless millions of products to-date. Our products are collected worldwide and regarded as a premium ceramic stoneware grade drinkware. Creative capabilities include mugs, bowls, decanters, pitchers, shots, plates and more. 

As a company, Tiki Farm is passionate about understanding the needs of it's customers and using that insight to create and manufacturer relevant products.  We are constantly striving to innovate and utilize new technologies to bring artistic visions to life for our Tiki friends! At the end of the day, we always have our fans, followers, friends and collectors in mind when it comes to finalizing any project we work on. Our commitment to our passion always has all of you included in the final decision.
Holden Westland, Owner & Founder
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