Rock-O-Betty Mug

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Betty loves screeching on the microphone, complete with her vintage style, cat-eyed and faux-diamond bejeweled 1950’s era inspired shades along with her funkadelic, psychedelic Fez of the Atomic Age of the Future! She’s sportin’ the type of coral-orange Coppertone bottled-tan that back in the day, lent itself more to stares of astonishment and curiosity in the supermarket checkout line than it did gazes of the pencil tied, pocket-protector types she was on the hunt for! “Them’s easy pickin’s” is a rumbling often heard comin’ out of the pitch-challenged pipes of Miss Betty.

Now Betty may be Low-in-the-Brow, but her cohorts are a fun lovin’ group of little simpleton fellers who, when combined in force, will spring to action and jump at the drop of a cocktail-pick to the defense of their often over-imbibed main lady, “Miss Darlin’ Betty”, as they affectionately refer to her. Poundin’ on the slovenly accountant-turned-Romeo types who dare accost Miss Betty while on stage with their combined 18-fluid ounces of rum drink-sampling machismo is becoming more of a nightly event with the whole darned popularity of that gal-darned Tiki Mug movement!

The lovely, marginally-talented Miss Rock-O-Betty is one of the dusty ol’ mugs hangin’ out in the rafters. Designed for us by our long-since former Creative Director, Tom “Thor” Thordarson. Betty comes atcha a’blazin’ with pitch problems in that darned bottle-tan orange glaze, standing 7 ½” tall and holding 19 oz. of hooch or Channel No. 5... whatever you desire!

Artist: Tom “Thor” Thordarson
Original release year: 2022    
Material: Ceramic stoneware   
Capacity:   19 oz.   
Height: 7 1/2” 


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