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Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug

Product image 1Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 2Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 3Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 4Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 5Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 6Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 7Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 8Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 9Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 10Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug
Product image 11Rongo-Rongo Tiki Mug

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We proudly bring you a classic Tiki mug design, but with a unique “Tank-twist”.  Rongo-Rongo is an inspiration of the majestic Moai Tiki Gods of Easter Island. 

Created for us by our brand-new Art Director himself, Tank Standing Buffalo!  Tank created his version of the Tangata Manu (bird man) on the backside and kept with stylings of some of the behemoth statues, maintaining the topknot (Pukao) feature as well, found on some of the Moai on Easter Island! 

Glazed in a dusty lava-inspired gray with a black wash, Rongo Rongo stands 7 1/2" in height and holds 12 oz. 

Imbide and... Enjoy!

Artist: Tank Standing Buffalo
Height: 7.5" 
Capacity: 12 oz. 

This mug design is © copyright 2023 Tank Standing Buffalo and Tiki Farm - No part of the design may be reproduced or copied without express written permission of Tiki Farm. 

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