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"Tiki Bob" is one of the modern Tiki era’s most beloved throwback designs from the original, early mainland Tiki movement.  Of course, there are other designs that evoke equally fond memories of early collecting times when looking back on when Tiki mugs were in abundance and super affordable if happened upon at thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets and such.  Mr. Bali Hai (my first mug), the Trader Vic’s Suffering Bastard, the Mark Thomas Outrigger Moai (my second mug), Tiki Bob and so many, yet so few.  All of the mugs of yesteryear are special.

Bob’s been a bit overdone some might say.  But devoted Tiki Bob fans will beg to differ.  I’m kind of on the fence.  But, when my talented friend Tank Standing Buffalo whipped up a sketch of Tiki Bob in Candy Cane form, I was like “Holy moly, so simple, so unique and super fun!”.  Tiki Bob was born again new!  We’ve become used to seeing so many Bob-inspired mugs these last many years, but NEVER a Tiki Bob Holiday Ornament!!!  Yes folks, we did it.  We “Bob’d” an ornament and CANDY CANE BOB is the result!

Candy Cane Bob is hand-decorated glass with sparkly red glitter, Tiki Bob-black painted facial elements and a gold-tone topper and gold-tone string.  ALSO... each Candy Cane Bob ornament comes complete with an enameled, high-quality “Candy Cane Bob” embossed, double-sided hangtag as well.  Packaged with a bit of fun and levity, we were going for the retro “Fun for the Entire Family” vibe.  The back of each box also has a brief story of the history of Tiki Bob so that your friends that are gifted with Candy Cane Bob understand a bit more about this fun product, if they’re not already fans of Tiki or fans of Tiki Bob. 

We hope you proudly display your Candy Cane Bob Ornament for years to come.  It is a very high-quality piece, destined to last unpacking and repacking for years and years ahead!

Candy Cane Bob measures 4” in height.

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