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Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag

Product image 1Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 2Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 3Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 4Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 5Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 6Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag
Product image 7Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag

Regular price $600.00


In November 2022, the Hui Naha Chimineas by Shag were premiered in Oma'o Green and Pulo Blue colors through the Shag Store in Palm Springs, CA. They sold out quickly.  Now, the final batch is here at Tiki Farm and ready to be released to an eager world!. 

Limited to a total production of 250 per color, Tiki Farm has our remaining 125 in each color.

The Hui Naha Chimineas measure approximately 48” in height (including the custom-made wrought iron stand), stand 18" wide x 19” deep and weigh-in at approximately 100 pounds each.  Each one is slightly different as each is crafted by hand - Expect unique variations. Each Chiminea comes with a special certificate of authenticity. 

You will need to load these into your vehicle yourself as we will not be liable for any damage that could occur.
Packing materials will not be provided. We recommend you bring heavy blankets. Lot's of them. 

Hui Naha will be available for sale starting at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Tuesday, February 14th.  We are not accepting any pre-orders, telephone orders, email orders, social media message requests for pre-orders, etc. The Hui Naha Chimineas are available on a first-come, first-served basis by website orders only!

There is a Strict LIMIT OF ONE CHIMINEA per household. Be sure to pick your favorite color and be sure to be ready to place your order at 5:00 pm, Pacific Time, Monday, February 14th! We also need to make it clear that once the item is placed in your cart, you will be asked for a pick-up date and time appointment.  Everyone must go thru the exact same process.  Also please note that the sale is not complete and confirmed until you receive a confirmation that payment has occurred. Furthermore, please write down the date and time you choose for your in-store pick-up!

Our Hui Naha Chimineas are available for IN-STORE PICK-UP ONLY at our Tiki Farm San Clemente, California location. We will NOT be shipping any of the Chimineas. If you wish to hire a third party to pick-up your chiminea and ship to your location, you have that option as well, but we will not prepare your Chiminea for shipping. We do need to be notified if that is the case. All Chimineas are FOB. That means once you leave Tiki Farm with your Chiminea, you are responsible for any and all damages to it. No exceptions.

All orders must be picked up by no later than Friday, March 3rd at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. If your order has not been picked up by then, your invoice will be refunded and your Chiminea will be returned to inventory. Please no phone calls to be put on a waiting list – there is no waiting list.


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