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An “oldie-but-a-goodie” is what we have for you here below in our NOS (new-old-stock) “Kahakai” Tiki mug designed for us by the legendary lowbrow artist and ol’ pal o’ mine VON FRANCO!  Now, Kahakai has been sitting in the rafters out back for a long time now and we decided to finally release him to the wild!  This is very much an “old school” design, harkening back to the earlier days of the resurgent Tiki movement we’ve all come to love.

So why not get yourself a piece of the past in the present day and pick-up a Kahakai mug to add to your collection.  It will add that special touch that looks like a mug of yesteryear, but today… it’s a mug of today and a mug for you to enjoy.

Von Franco is an artist that, if you are not familiar with his work, I’d recommend that you go online and do some snooping around.  Prepare yourself to see some of the most elaborate and out-of-this-world Monster Shifter art that you have ever seen.  A prodigy and personal friend of Ed “Big Daddy Roth”, Von Franco’s art is super-important in the lowbrow art movement, hence as well in the Tiki mug movement.  There’s not enough lowbrow in Tiki it seems anymore.  Well… here you go!  Von Franco and I go back to 2003 when he was part of the Tiki Farm “It’s All About the Tiki” art and limited-edition mug premier at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery, featuring our mug designs of Von Franco along with Shag and The Pizz.  Anybody here remember that show??


Artist: Von Franco 
Original release year: 2015 
Capacity: 14 oz. 
Material: Ceramic stoneware 
Height: 7 1/8" 

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