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Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set

Product image 1Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 2Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 3Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 4Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 5Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 6Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 7Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 8Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set
Product image 9Don Tiki Mug and Enamel Pin Set

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For years, I’ve wanted to work with Argentinian-born and current Mexico City resident Dr. Alderete. You see as it relates to Tiki as an art form and artists creating Tiki art out of the country of our beautiful neighbors to the south, Dr. Alderete is the single-most influential and important Tiki (amongst his many other styles) artist in all of Mexico. There is no room for any argument in that regard. His style is super-bold and his execution is super precise. His art can be both dark and humorous as well as being very deep but also finding room for levity. There is a certain high-end rock-and-roll wonderful poster style that Dr. Alderete captures so well with his stylings that truly captivates me. Our collaboration here is an admittedly humble but very heart-felt Tiki mug end-result that was brought to us by my old friend Lloyd Kandell of Don Tiki fame…

I remember the first time I saw Don Tiki and it was actually a small, I believe 3-4 piece scaled-down version of the band, aptly referred to as “Don Tini”. It was the very early 2000’s, and I had arrived at an outdoor bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki to meet some friends. I arrived with a prototype of a brand new, early Tiki Farm giant Volcano bowl that traveled with me for this evening all of the way from the mainland to share with my friends and ultimately to share with many others that evening while listening to Don Tini on a tropical and lightly-humid Hawaiian evening. I immediately realized the importance of this evening with the wonderful Hawaiian meets Hapa-Haole inspired music of this marvelous little band and what became a throng of fellow tourists coming to the table to share a sip out of the straws that flanked the perimeter of this curiosity that was my first ever volcano bowl.

This is our turquoise blue version of our Don Tiki “Hot Like Lava” Tiki mug, finished off with a volcanic red interior glaze.  We ran a total of 250 of these mugs in this glaze version and along with the mug, check out the very beautiful, enameled pin that comes with your purchase.  The pin commemorates the Wahine from the album cover and all of the glorious creativity that is Dr. Alderete, one of the most important artists in today’s global Tiki landscape! 

Artist: Dr. Alderete
Original release year: 2021 
Capacity: 27 oz.
Material: Ceramic stoneware 
Height: 6 7/8”

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