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We proudly present you with our newest and perhaps one of our most unusual designs to-date with long time Tiki Farm contributing artist... Scott “Flounder” Scheidly... “The Glutton”! I reached out to Scott to get some input for this promotional text and in classic Flounder-style, Scott replied “just let ‘em know it’s a self-portrait”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of why I enjoy working so much with Scott. He throws me off-cuff reminders all the time, reminding me not to take the whole Tiki mug scene so seriously and just to keep doing what I love!

As you will note here with The Glutton, he is an absolute fan of his libations! He comes at you with a double-fisted attitude, tongue wagging and X-eyed as a result of his debaucherous ways! As a result of his debauchery, The Glutton is a bit “green-in-the-face” and then some! But, he’s ready for you and more than capable and really excited about your intended use for him. The Glutton is a huge fan of rum-soaked crafted cocktails, though his appearance might appear more like a Fireball is in order! Don’t let him fool you. Buy him and find out for yourself!

Artist: Flounder
Original release year: 2022 
Capacity: 22 oz. 
Material: Ceramic stoneware 
Height: 6 3/8" 

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