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Tiki Farm proudly presents "The Hawaiian Idol" mugs, designed by Tom Thordarson (aka: Thor). These are the most intricate and hand-detailed pieces that we've ever produced. Unlike our standard 1-2 tone glazed Tiki mugs, these mugs are painstakingly individually hand glaze painted using both matte and gloss glazes. We hope you dig 'em!

P.I. - Hawaiian Idol Mug

The Ferrari of the set - the big fellow measures 10" in height and has a 26 oz. capacity.

Price: $15.95

Ho-Waiian Don - Hawaiian Idol Mug
Fill Don up with champagne and he'll be burstin' with Tiny Bubbles. Measures 8" in height and has a 12 oz. capacity.

Price: $15.95

BA744 Buk Um Dano - Hawaiian Idol Mug And his hair... was perfect! Measures 8 3/4" in height and has a 24 oz. capacity.

 Price: $15.95

Don Ho's Suck 'em Up Glass
"Suck 'em Up" is one of the many songs written and performed by Hawaii's legendary entertainer - Mr. Don Ho! Screenprinted Rocks Glass stands 4" high and holds 14 oz.

Price: $3.95
Suck em up

Don Ho's Suck 'em Up 4-pack
Special Offer! Set of 4 Don Ho's Suck 'em Up Rocks Glasses.

Price: $12.95/set of Four!


Merv Merv is Mort & Maury’s cousin and is always serving up a good time!  A good shriner indeed, Merv decided to pose for us with his brand new fez which he wears to all of his “Fraternal Brotherhood of the Moai” functions.  Merv’s got some capacity, measuring 10” in height & holding 32 oz. of your favorite rum.  We recommend when decanting from Merv to make sure that Mort & Maury are present to share in the festivities.

Price: $17.95

Mort Mort officially launches our second collaboration with renowned Tiki artist Sam Gambino (www.samgambino.com).  Sam was going for a “Humanesque 50-year old  Moai who’s spent far too much time at the bowling alley” with these fellows… we think he nailed it!  In full bowling shirt regalia, Mort comes in at 5” in height with a 24 oz. capacity.


Maury Mort’s brother Maury can be found sitting in front of the tube watching “The Big Lebowski” on dvd when he’s not at the bowling alley.  Maury measures 7 ½” in height and holds 30 oz.  Maury prefers a White Russian over a brewski, unlike his brother Mort.

Price: $15.95


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