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Happy Hour Set

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Set-Open Edition

This brand new, open edition, new color variation of our sold-out, limited edition set is part of what we’re calling our “you asked, we listened” launch! “Da Kanta” measures 9” in height and holds 18 oz. and the Rum Tosser mugs measure 7” in height and hold 18 oz. each. The hand painted resin Tiki bar measures 6 ” long x 3 ” high. The Tiki bar has an open back to house your cocktail picks, napkins, coasters, etc. What a great set for sharing your favorite special concoction with a friend! Designed by The Pizz.

Price:  $64.95



Kukona takes us back to our more traditional roots and takes us all away to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands! In Tiki Farm’s earliest years, we created a design that we nicknamed “X-Eyes” and that name stuck. Often times when you see a Hawaiian style Ku Tiki mug out in the wild with this particular style of headdress, you’ll hear people referring to the style as “an X-Eyes style Ku”. Kukona measures 4 1/8” in height and has a 12 oz. capacity and is glazed in a beautiful orange-brown glaze.

Price:  $14.95


Kukona Cobalt

Kukona in a speckled cobalt glaze.

Price:  $14.95


Tau'a Caramel

Tau'a is the newest Marquesan addition to our line-up. Inspired by the ancient stone carvings of the Marquesan Tiki Gods, Tau'a also features rims lined with glyph imagery. Tau'a measures 4 1/8" in height and has an 11 oz. capacity and is glazed in a caramel finish.

Price:  $14.95


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