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Alua Wahines

Alua Wahines

We’ve been a fan of the art of Mark Swanson for years. Mark’s creative style is sure to put a smile on your face! For our first of what will hopefully be many more collaborations to follow, we bring you Mark’s “Alua Wahines” Tiki mug. A happy Tiki he is indeed as he’s accompanied by 2 lovely (“Alua”) Wahines! Mark’s style will surely captivate you and his Alua Wahines Tiki mug will make for a beautiful new addition to your Tiki mug collection. The mug measures 7” in height and has a 17 ounce capacity.

Price:  $18.95

Tiki Love

Tiki Love

Do you love Tiki? We love Tiki! As a result of our mutual love for Tiki, Tiki Farm proudly presents… “TIKI LOVE”! This is our 4th collaboration (Tiki Goddess, Tini Goddess & Tiki Girl) with the super- talented designer of this mug, Donella Vitale. Tiki Love is a big mug, measuring 7 ” in height and holding 20 ounces. Hand painted detailing makes this special piece a must have for your Tiki mug collection.

Price:  $19.95

We’re happy to introduce you to our distant cousins, the “Hulabilly” Tiki mugs! Premiered at the 2013 Hulabilly themed Tiki Oasis event, you can now order these great mugs online here at Tiki Farm!

Hulabillys Back

Ernest T.

“Ernest T.” (the “T” is for TIKI!) is brought to life through the creative collaboration of Tiki Farm and long time Tiki Farm contributing artist Derek Yaniger. Ernest is beltin’ out a toon with the aid of his trusty (and well too often used) jug o’ shine! Sportin’ a very stylish coonskin cap, Ernest will do ya just fine! He measures 7” in height and houses 13 ounces of greased lightnin’!

Price:  $18.95

Unkle Kranky

“Unkle Kranky” is a mountain dwellin’, pooch lovin’, happy-go-lucky feller! And when Unkle Kranky hits the pipe, he hits it corn cob style all the way! With his jug of moonshine, he’s darned near the happiest feller in the Ozarks! Unkle Kranky measures 7” in height and houses 12 ounces of bootleg gin!

Price:  $18.95


“Rock-a-Hula” is a barrel headed, bass splappin’ mad man! He’s whacked alright! Rumor has it he can often be seen prancin’ around in his orange grass skirt and yup, that’s how we found him here as you are seein’ him right now! His noggin’ is marked XXX as his contents are guaranteed potent! Rock-a-Hula measures 7” in height and he’s a fanatic of 151 proof rum with his 13 ounce capacity screamin’ fill me up and make ‘er strong!

Price:  $18.95

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