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Tip: To save on shipping of lighter items such as swizzle sticks, order them with other items.

Yellow Swizzle Pack
Our yellow 8" swizzle sticks! Perfect for maintaining your mixology creation! Available in 6 and 25 piece packs.

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Red Swizzle Pack
Our red 8" swizzle sticks! Stir it up! Available in 6 and 25 piece packs.


Black Swizzle Pack
Our Massive 10" Tiki Farm logo Tiki paddle stirrer with a brilliant silver imprint! Great for your larger mugs and perfect for use with a pitcher! Available in 6 and 25 piece packs.

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Shaker Sets

Lil' Shaka Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

These little fellows will surely make a great addition to your kitchen table top. Inspired by a pair of little vintage Tiki S&P shakers here in the Tiki Farm personal collection, they are small at only 1 3/4" in height and resemble little stubby "Tiki thumbs".!

Price:  $8.95/set

# HS056
"MONGO" the Pump Soap Dispenser
Mongo lives to lather you up!  Pump, Pump, Pump!!

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS057
"RONGO" the Toothbrush/Toothpaste Holder Rongo recommends praying to the flossing Gods, too!  Rongo's got fat holes for fat toothbrushes.

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS058
"BANZAI" the Soap Dish
Surf's up Braddah!  Banzai will get you & your soap very tubular!

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS046
Hot Lava Java Sugar & Creamer Set (with matching Tiki headed spoon) Trick out the breakfast table - we say... GO VOLCANO! The set features a lidded sugar dispenser, cream dispenser & a matching little ceramic Tiki spoon. Designed by Senor Squid Lipps!

Price: $13.95


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