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Shaker Sets

Lil' Shaka Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

These little fellows will surely make a great addition to your kitchen table top. Inspired by a pair of little vintage Tiki S&P shakers here in the Tiki Farm personal collection, they are small at only 1 3/4" in height and resemble little stubby "Tiki thumbs".!

Price:  $8.95/set

# HS056
"MONGO" the Pump Soap Dispenser
Mongo lives to lather you up!  Pump, Pump, Pump!!

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS057
"RONGO" the Toothbrush/Toothpaste Holder Rongo recommends praying to the flossing Gods, too!  Rongo's got fat holes for fat toothbrushes.

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS058
"BANZAI" the Soap Dish
Surf's up Braddah!  Banzai will get you & your soap very tubular!

Regular Price: $14.95

# HS046
Hot Lava Java Sugar & Creamer Set (with matching Tiki headed spoon) Trick out the breakfast table - we say... GO VOLCANO! The set features a lidded sugar dispenser, cream dispenser & a matching little ceramic Tiki spoon. Designed by Senor Squid Lipps!

Price: $13.95


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