Menehunes @ Tiki Farm


Our reproduction of the 1970's United Airlines Menehunes are exacting in their execution & are of the absolute highest quality.  If you are a collector & are familiar with the original production versions, then you know how much money they can command when in top condition.  No expense or detail has been overlooked.  The only differentiating factor is that the words "United Airlines" do not appear on the base.  These were produced in a small run for distribution exclusively in Japan but we got our hands on the only 20 sets that made it outside of Japan.  These are cast resin pieces (not roto-cast like the originals).  They are very solid.

Please note: that as the Uncle & Aunty Menehunes are very large (& heavy) & part of our regular shopping cart that we will add $10 in shipping charges for each individual one ordered.

Uncle Menehune Figurine;
Uncle Menehune Figurine; 27" height

Sold Out and Retired!

Aunty Menehune Figurine;
Aunty Menehune Figurine; 26" height

Sold Out and Retired!

Menehune Figurine Set;
1 Set of Both Uncle & Aunty Menehune; Sorry, Jorge not included!

Sold Out!

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