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Kainoa Bowl

"Kainoa": Hawaiian for free flowing ocean, a sea without restrictions. Kainoa as presented here is also a peaceful village by the sea, guarded by the Hawaiian Gods Kanaloa (who here, sees no evil), Ku (who here, hears no evil) and Lono (who here, speaks no evil). The exterior features strong relief scenery around the entirety of the bowl and is glazed in a wiped matte grey and bone combination. The interior is featured in a vintage hue of blue paying homage to the ocean. Designed for us by Ken Ruzic, Kainoa is a very ample bowl easily satisfying the thirsts of 4 adults. Kainoa measures 8 1/4" across and 3 1/2" to the top of the Tiki Gods and will present you with a 52 oz. capacity.

Price:  $39.95

Pahupahu Bowl

Paphupahu Volcano Bowl

We’re happy to announce the re-issue of our popular “Pahupahu” Volcano bowl! Glazed in jungle green and featuring 3 fierce Tiki gods and an erupting red volcano, Pahupahu measures 7” across and the volcano reaches a height of 4”. Pahupahu has a 36 oz. capacity and is a perfect drink bowl for 2. So light up the volcano with some overproof rum and let the party begin! What says “Party” more than a flaming Volcano bowl with Tiki Gods?

Temporarily Sold Out!


Clamshell Bowl

Clamshell Bowl

An instant classic! Our clamshell bowl is a traditional design suited as an ample drink bowl for 2 to 4 adults! The textured exterior contrasts nicely against the smooth interior with the overall glaze being a combination of tan and a muted seafoam green with hints of browns and ambers. It's a larger bowl, measuring 11" across and 5 3/8" at the highest point and it has an ample 36 oz. capacity. So, as a drink bowl for 2 it'll pack a wallup and as a drink bowl for 4, it will be a nice, timeless presentation for you and 3 of your Tiki cocktail imbibing friends!

Price:  $24.95



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